Underrated Genius: Jaime Carragher’s Liverpool love affair

Jaime Carragher belongs to a rare category of professional footballers in not just having spent his entire playing career with a single club but also in the sense that even 17 years after making his premier league debut, he still has the desire to learn and looks for ways to improve his game.

This says a lot about the man.

We have been fortunate enough that the man in question has played for us.

From dragging his cramp ridden body to make tackle after tackle on that historic night in Istanbul, to playing on with a broken rib and a punctured lung, to urging a substitute to come on the field quickly after he had dislocated his shoulder, Carra has given us countless moments of selfless brilliance.

During one of his most recent Premier League games against Arsenal, Carra bore the brunt of a thunderous free kick and took his full on his chest and, he still had the mind to clear the ball and then only did he wince.

I heard the commentator say this “This ball would have had to literally go through Carragher for it to make its way to the goal”. This sums up his entire career. A man, who puts playing for Liverpool above all other things.

This is what the Times wrote about him ” Limited as a player, but with an emotional fire that transcends ability, he has become the modern embodiment of the Liverpool Way ..”

Never fully appreciated by anyone except the Liverpool faithful, his presence will be sorely missed.

Thank you for all the memories Carra, there will probably never be a better no 23.


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