Underrated Genius: Jaime Carragher’s Liverpool love affair

Jaime Carragher belongs to a rare category of professional footballers in not just having spent his entire playing career with a single club but also in the sense that even 17 years after making his premier league debut, he still has the desire to learn and looks for ways to improve his game.

This says a lot about the man.

We have been fortunate enough that the man in question has played for us.

From dragging his cramp ridden body to make tackle after tackle on that historic night in Istanbul, to playing on with a broken rib and a punctured lung, to urging a substitute to come on the field quickly after he had dislocated his shoulder, Carra has given us countless moments of selfless brilliance.

During one of his most recent Premier League games against Arsenal, Carra bore the brunt of a thunderous free kick and took his full on his chest and, he still had the mind to clear the ball and then only did he wince.

I heard the commentator say this “This ball would have had to literally go through Carragher for it to make its way to the goal”. This sums up his entire career. A man, who puts playing for Liverpool above all other things.

This is what the Times wrote about him ” Limited as a player, but with an emotional fire that transcends ability, he has become the modern embodiment of the Liverpool Way ..”

Never fully appreciated by anyone except the Liverpool faithful, his presence will be sorely missed.

Thank you for all the memories Carra, there will probably never be a better no 23.

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Assessing the Oldham defeat: Why Rodgers must also share the blame for the defensive fraility !!!!

Why Brendan Rodgers must bear part of blame for the loss to Oldham !!

When BR was appointed as the Liverpool manager in July 2012, one of the first things that I expected was that there would be ample squad rotation.

As much as it pains me to say, Kenny Dalglish failed to utilize the entire squad and put the responsibility almost entirely on the 1st team members. Although it is expected that this set of players (1st team members) are the ones who will ultimately decide where a team finishes, its paramount that the fringe players do get a chance every now and then.

Brendan Rodgers has done a remarkable job in promoting and then extracting the best out of young talents like Raheem Sterling, Suso and Andre Wisdom. And these kids have not let the boss down, on most occasions that is.

The problem lies with he defense. Even though we managed to score a meager 47 goals last term, we still ended up with a goal difference of +7, thanks in no small part to the sensational center back pairing of Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger.

Only the 2 Manchester clubs managed to concede fewer goals last season. Everton too were level with us in this department.

So it was almost a given that we could expect a similarly stellar defensive display this season as well. How wrong have we been. We have leaked 28 goals already this season.

Sebastien Coates was brought to Anfield after a breakthrough Copa America tournament. He did have limited opportunities in the 1st season but this season, its almost as if he doesn’t exist.

Its unfair for anyone to expect Coates to not be rusty considering the game time (or lack of it) that he has had. As it turns out, it was the case when we visited Oldham this Sunday for the FA Cup the round clash.

At 6’6″,one doesn’t expect a man mountain like him to be out-muscled. This is something for which Coates himself is to be blamed. His rustiness however, is a whole different matter altogether.

However talented or experienced a player may be, without enough game time, he/she is bound to be rusty. This is where Brendan Rodgers must also bear some responsibility.

A viable solution to keep this problem from recurring, is to keep the squad rotating. He must stick with the trusted players for the big games, but for the games against ‘weaker’ opposition, the squad can be tweaked.

This way, the squad stays fresh and who knows, the manager may unearth another gem.

If Coates does indeed have a future, I say if because up until now, even Rodgers doesn’t seem to be sure if this is the case, then he deserves more playing time. That’s the only way he can have any sort of a contribution.

Else, the only viable solution is to send him out on loan.

Martin Skrtel, voted fans’ player of the season for 2011-12, has been experiencing a somewhat expected dip in form. Expected because, fatigue takes its toll on even the strongest of people.

This would be the right time to give Coates & Carragher more games, both in the league and in Europe.

But …. Brendan Rodgers is the man in-charge and I am sure he is totally aware of what he is doing.

Onwards and Upwards !!


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January 28, 2013 · 9:28 pm

The Death of the World’s Largest Democracy

As per the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary the definition of democracy is “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections“.

 India has often been regarded as the world’s largest democratic state, and for good reason.

Up until recently, it was also regarded as one of the pioneers, leading the way for other nations hoping to restore democracy. Not any more.

 In the days following the brutal gangrape and murder of a 23 year old girl in India’s capital, what has been noticed is the apathy shown by those in power. Although the chairperson of the UPA did come out of her palatial house to meet the angry protestors, the lack of action by the government has left everyone feeling belittled. 

 For the BJP, this incident became yet another reason for them to call for the sacking of a few ministers. Nothing new about that. We as the people of this country have suffered at the hands of politicians who have time and again failed to live up to their promises. 

 The ruling party is more concerned with finding ways to get another term in the upcoming 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Ever since the trial began, there have been no statements, no public appearances by those in power regarding the appalling safety of women in our country. All seems to have been forgotten.

 The IPC is so archaic that living by these rules seems like an insult. How can a person who committed a crime as heinous as rape and then went on to insert a rod inside the victim be treated as a juvenile. What makes it all the more ridiculous is that as per the IPC, a juvenile can spend a maximum of 3 years in custody, that too in a reform center, irrespective of the gravity of the crime committed.

 The government and the opposition, who it seems have been on loggerheads forever, have not been able to put aside their differences and come to a conclusion that guarantees tougher punishment for acts as ghastly as the one that was committed on 16th December 2012.

 All we hear about is that “today’s LS session has been adjourned”. For god’s sake, these people have been voted into power to do a job, a part of which is making sure that these sessions are not adjourned. This is the place where need to happen, gauging the progress of our nation.

 Another point that is of grave concern is the utter uselessness of the police in our country. The Delhi Police is notoriously lazy and incompetent. This has been proven time and again. Inspite of this horrendous crime, the Commissioner of Delhi police found time to praise his cadres for having nabbed the assailants in a relatively short duration.

 What were these same officers doing when this crime was bein committed. Why weren’t there enough police officers on patrol in an area which is: (a) Very badly lit, (b) Infamous for eve teasing, chain snatching and other such incidents.

 It seems that the higher one goes, the lesser he morals he/she  has.

If this isn’t the death of a democracy that we were once proud of, then i don’t know what is.

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January 25, 2013 · 7:56 pm